PyCon DE & PyData Berlin 2024

(But don't worry, you can still join us virtually!)

🥳 We're super happy to announce that, with six weeks to spare, PyCon DE & PyData Berlin 2024 is sold out on-site, with 1,500 attendees ready to meet in person at the magnificent Berlin Congress Center (bcc). This incredible achievement sets a new milestone for us and comes at a particularly special time – we're celebrating

🔟 years of PyData Berlin
🔟 years of DjangoGirls

both of which debuted at EuroPython 2014, hosted by the PyCon DE team at this very venue.

Heartfelt Thanks to ❤️

Our Community and Team

Our diverse and dedicated team of nearly 30 volunteers, supported generously by their employers, are the heart and soul of this event. They've invested their time and passion to create a memorable and seamless experience for everyone. Meet these amazing individuals behind the scenes here: Meet the Team.

Our Awesome Community 🤗

Our awesome community contributed by voting for sessions, while a team of 60 expert reviewers worked through almost 500 proposals to bring you the most valuable and relevant content. Meet the reviewers here.

Our Allies 🫶

We deeply thank our allies PyLadies, DjangoGirls and HumbleData for contributing to the conference.

What Sets Us Apart:

  • Authentic Content: We promise a conference filled with genuine learning and networking opportunities – absolutely no sales pitches!

  • Inclusivity at Heart: Our commitment to diversity shines through our grants program, designed to support students and underrepresented groups in tech.

  • A Shoutout to Our Sponsors: None of this would be possible without the support of our amazing sponsors. Their contributions are vital to the success and accessibility of our conference.

👉 Remember, while the on-site tickets are sold out, the digital world knows no bounds! You can still be a part of this vibrant event online. Let's celebrate a decade of community, innovation, and diversity together. Join us for what's set to be an unforgettable experience at PyCon DE & PyData Berlin 2024! 🎉

PS: Final Flock tickets will be last chance to join us on-site. See our blog post for more details.