DjangoGirls Workshop

We are super thrilled to announce a Django Girls Workshop for Sunday, April 21st, 2024, as a satellite event at PyCon DE & PyData Berlin 2024.

🎂 10th Anniversary of DjangoGirls 🎂

Did you know DjangoGirls was founded at EuroPython (run by PyCon DE that year) at the bcc in Berlin in 2014? We are excited to bring the workshop back to the city and the venue where it all started.


Django Girls is a non-profit organization that wants to bring more women into the wonderful world of programming and technology. We’re organising a free, one-day workshop for beginners that will teach you how to create a website using Python and Django.

We believe that the IT industry will greatly benefit from bringing more women into technology. We want to give you an opportunity to learn how to program and become part of the technology community!

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The workshop will be held at the conference venue:
bcc, Alexanderstraße 11, 10178 Berlin, Germany.

Workshops are free of charge.

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Django Girls Workshop Django Girls Workshop