Get ready to be inspired at PyCon DE & PyData Berlin 2024!

Keynote speaker Inessa Pawson brings her passion for building strong open source communities and vast experience in the Python ecosystem to this year's conference. About the Talk: In her presentation, "The Art and Science of Tending Open Source Orchards", Inessa will delve into the strategies and insights behind growing and sustaining resilient communities within open source projects. She'll explore the challenges of scaling contributor bases and offer guidance on how to retain valuable contributors.

About Inessa

Inessa Pawson is a true champion of open source. As an Open Source Program Manager at OpenTeams and a key contributor to projects like NumPy and PyOpenSci, she actively encourages participation and supports the vital infrastructure of open source communities. Her dedication to incentive design and collaborative intelligence makes her a leading voice in this field.

Why You Should Attend

Whether you're an experienced open source contributor or considering getting involved, Inessa's talk offers practical takeaways and thought-provoking ideas about the collaborative power of open source software.

Inessa Pawson