As AI becomes increasingly integrated into our lives, responsible AI practices are more essential than ever. Join keynote speaker Ricardo Baeza-Yates as he guides us through "Ten Key Questions that a Company Should Ask to have Responsible AI". Baeza-Yates's expertise in AI ethics and governance makes this presentation a must-attend for anyone working with AI systems.

About the Talk

Developing AI responsibly can be a maze of complex considerations. In this talk, Baeza-Yates brings clarity by framing essential questions companies must address. Drawing from the ACM Principles for Responsible Algorithmic Systems and their Generative AI extensions (which he co-authored), he'll address the entire AI product lifecycle – from conception to deployment. Expect interactive discussion as he explores the challenges and solutions associated with each question.

About Ricardo

Ricardo Baeza-Yates is a globally respected authority on responsible AI. As Director of Research at Northeastern University's Institute for Experiential AI and a professor in Chile and Spain, he bridges research and practice. His experience at NTENT and leadership at Yahoo! Labs underscore his deep industry understanding. Baeza-Yates's co-authorship of the acclaimed textbook "Modern Information Retrieval" and his ACM Fellow and IEEE Fellow distinctions further solidify his expertise.

Why You Should Attend

Whether you're a developer, data scientist, or company leader, this keynote will equip you with a framework for implementing ethical and responsible AI. Gain insights to help your organization build AI solutions that are trustworthy, fair, and beneficial to society.

Ricardo Baeza-Yates