Our standrd tickets sold out earlier than expected, so we decided to release the Late Bird tickets earlier than planned. Get your tickets now and join us in Berlin for the best Python & Data conference in 2024!

Standard Tickets

We are offering ~2/3 of our "in-person tickets" that are for sale at the standard price. On Friday, February 23, these tickets were sold out.

Early release of Late Bird Tickets

We decided to release the in-person Late Bird tickets earlier than planned. We want to make sure that everyone who wants to join us in Berlin can do so.

Online Tickets

Online tickets are still available at the standard price until March 3rd, we will switch to Later Bird on March 4th.

Get your tickets now!

We do advise to get your tickets asap, as we expect the Late Bird tickets to sell out very soon! Once the Late Bird tickets are sold out, we will not be able to offer any more tickets for the in-person event.

We will release one small final batch "Final Flock Tickets" in the first week of April. These tickets are tickets that were returned to us or tickets that were reserved but unclaimed by sponsors.