In this speech, we want to introduce an AI PC, a single machine that consists of a CPU, GPU, and NPU (Neural Processing Unit) and can run GenAI in seconds, not hours. Besides the hardware, we will also show the OpenVINO Toolkit, a software solution that helps squeeze as much as possible out of that PC. Join our talk and see for yourself the AI PC is good for both generative and conventional AI models. All presented demos are open source and available on our GitHub.

Adrian Boguszewski

Affiliation: Intel

AI Software Evangelist at Intel. Adrian graduated from the Gdansk University of Technology in the field of Computer Science 7 years ago. After that, he started his career in computer vision and deep learning. As a team leader of data scientists and Android developers for the previous two years, Adrian was responsible for an application to take a professional photo (for an ID card or passport) without leaving home. He is a co-author of the dataset, creator of the OpenCV Image Viewer Plugin, and a Deep Learning lecturer occasionally. His current role is to educate people about OpenVINO Toolkit. In his free time, he’s a traveler. You can also talk with him about finance, especially investments.

Dmitriy Pastushenkov

Affiliation: Intel

Dmitriy Pastushenkov is a passionate AI PC Evangelist at Intel Germany  with more than 20 years of comprehensive and international experience in the industrial automation, industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and real-time operating and AI. Dmitriy has held various roles in software development and enablement, software architecture and technical management.   Dmitriy started the career at Intel in 2022 as a Software Architect. He works on the enablement and optimization of real-time, functional safety and AI workloads on the smart edge applying innovative Intel technologies and software products.  Currently,  as an AI PC Evangelist Dmitriy focuses on the AI Software Stack of AI PC, including OpenVINO. Dmitriy has a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Technical University).