In today's digital landscape, traditional analytics struggle with understanding marketing ROI, especially with evolving privacy norms. But Python and its ecosystem come to the rescue. In this talk, we will discuss how we leveraged Python and PyMC to build a Bayesian Marketing Media Mix model for the fastest-growing Italian tour operator. We'll cover the challenges we faced, the valuable insights we gained, and the results achieved. This will offer you a clear and practical roadmap for developing a similar model for your business.

Emanuele Fabbiani

Affiliation: xtream srl

Engineer by education, Data Scientist by choice, researcher and lecturer by passion. Emanuele earned his PhD in AI by researching time series forecasting in the energy field. He was a guest researcher at EPFL Lausanne, and he's now the Head of AI at xtream, where he solves business problems with AI. He published 8 papers in international journals, presented and organized tracks and workshops at international conferences, including AMLD, ODSC, WeAreDevelopers, PyCon, and ERUM, and lectured in Italy, Switzerland, and Poland.

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