As the landscape of data-driven applications expands, the need for robust SQL development practices becomes increasingly critical. This conference talk addresses the challenges faced by data teams in maintaining and evolving complex SQL models for their Data Warehouses, and shows how unit testing can play a vital role in ensuring data quality.

We will delve into the significance of SQL unit testing, highlighting its ability to quickly validate modeling logic and making sure that modifications do not break existing behavior. With the ease of mind of an automatically verified SQL logic, changes to existing data models can be shipped with confidence, ultimately contributing to faster deployment cycles.

Get detailed insights on the structure and functionality of Lotum’s SQL unit testing framework, built in Python using pytest and tailored for BigQuery. With Lotum processing millions of events from mobile games every day, explore how this robust framework allows for efficient testing, ensuring the accuracy of the SQL logic. Learn how test cases with small sets of static mock data can be defined effortlessly so that they help pinpoint potential code errors easily.

Tobias Lampert

Affiliation: Lotum media GmbH

I'm an experienced technical leader with expertise in Data Science and Data Engineering. For over 20 years I have been designing and implementing data-intensive applications end-to-end, from data ingestion to deployment and have build solutions which generate insight from data using statistical analysis and machine learning. My passion is building user-friendly, high-performance and cost-efficient data platforms.

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