Python supports multiple programming paradigms. In addition to the procedural and object-oriented approach, it also provides some features that are typical for functional programming.

While these features are optional, they can be useful to create better Python programs. This tutorial introduces Python features that help to implement parts of Python programs in the functional style. Objective is not to write pure functional programs but improve programs design by using functional feature where suitable.

The tutorial points out advantages and disadvantages of functional programming in general and in Python in particular. Participants will learn alternative ways to solve problems. This will broaden their programming toolbox.

Mike Müller

Affiliation: Python Academy GmbH & Co. KG

I've been a Python user since 1999, teaching Python professionally since 2004. I am also active in the community, organizing Python conferences such as PyCon DE, EuroSciPy, and BarCamps. I am a PSF Fellow and chair of the German Python Software Verband.

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