PyCon DE & PyData Berlin is volunteer run. This session aims to underscore the significant role that volunteer organization plays in cultivating environments of authenticity, inclusion, and diversity within tech communities.

Florian Wilhelm

Affiliation: inovex

Florian is Head of Data Science & Mathematical Modeling at inovex GmbH, an IT project center driven by innovation and quality, focusing its services on ‘Digital Transformation’.

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Alexander CS Hendorf

Affiliation: Pioneers Hub gGmbH, PySV

Alexander Hendorf is responsible for data and artificial intelligence at a boutique consultancy in Germany. He has many years of experience in the practical application, introduction and communication of data and AI-driven strategies and decision-making processes. Through his commitment as a speaker and chair of various international conferences as PyConDE & PyData Berlin, he is a proven expert in the field of data intelligence. He's been appointed Python Software Foundation and EuroPython fellow for this various contributions. Currently he is sitting board member of Python Software Verband (Germany) and the EuroPython Society (EPS). Currently he's building Pioneers Hub - a new non-profit organisation to support tech-communities.

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Valentina Scipione

Lais Carvalho

Affiliation: EuroPython Society

Laís Carvalho is an active member of the Python community. She was the first black female board member of Python Ireland, and a core-organiser of HumbleData, a non-profit organisation focused on mentoring underrepresented minorities on Python and Data Science. Currently, Laís is the only female board member of the EuroPython Society. Seasoned speaker and ex-developer advocate, Laís is passionate about leadership and volunteering. She works as a Site Reliability Engineer at Workday Inc. building monitoring tools.

Lais is excited about food, documentation, and communication. Her main core values are courage and kindness.