Since many years Android has held the top position as the most used OS with about 38% of the OS user share in 2023. Currently 3 major languages – C++, Java, Kotlin are used for application development on Android. Although Python has the capabilities of enabling Android deployment, Python was never considered as an adequate language for Android development. But, with the introduction of “PEP 738: Adding Android as a supported platform”, and the increasing popularity of frameworks like PySide6, Kivy, and Beeware which enable GUI development with Python for Android devices, it is time for Python package developers to consider Android as a potential platform.

This talk gives an introduction to each of the GUI development toolkits – Kivy, Beeware (Toga) and PySide6 by demonstrating how to create a simple Contact List application. We later delve into the pros and cons of each of these frameworks, so that Python application developers can decide which framework suits their requirements better.

Shyamnath Premnadh

Affiliation: The Qt Company

Shyamnath aka Shyam is a Senior Software Engineer respoinsble for developing PySide and shiboken6 at the Qt Company. Having worked across many domains including Mainframes, Java, Android and Machine Learning, Shyam's current interest lies in playing around with C++ and Python.

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