Callbacks have become an ubiquitous programming technique that we use every day without even thinking about it. They are definitely handy in many situations, but sometimes they feel more like a burden than a help. In developing an interactive realtime audio processing system for use on stage in live music, we encountered such a situation. This talk will present how a few dozen lines adding a thin abstraction layer allowed us to replace a complex callback mess with tremendously more readable generators (yes, you know, those functions which yield results instead of returning them...).

Matthieu Amiguet

Affiliation: Les Chemins de Traverse

Trained both as a musician and a mathematician, Matthieu Amiguet took up programming as a hobby and somehow ended up making a PhD in computer science. He now works freelance - both as a musician and a developer. He is Artistic Director at Les Chemins de Traverse, jointly with Barbara Minder.

Les Chemins de Traverse is a collective of musicians, artists and researchers from a variety of backgrounds with a focus on sonic exploration and live performance. They cover a large musical territory from renaissance and baroque music to jazz, rock music and contemporary experimental noise. More often than not, they mix different styles and techniques - like in a weird chemical experiment that would produce nice colored fluids but might as well explode at any time.

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