Bulletproof Python - Property-Based Testing with Hypothesis
Michael Seifert

Less is more! Rather than working harder and write more test code, property-based testing forces you to work smarter and cover more cases with fewer tests. Join Michael for his Tutorial "Bulletproof Python - Property-Based Testing with Hypothesis"

Leveraging the Art of Parallel Unit Testing in Django
Azan Bin Zahid, Syed Ansab Waqar Gillani

Unlocking the power of parallel unit testing with Python and Django! 🚀

pytest tips and tricks for a better testsuite
Florian Bruhin

pytest lets you write simple tests fast - but also scales to very complex scenarios: Beyond the basics of no-boilerplate test functions, this training will show various intermediate/advanced features, as well as gems and tricks.

Which kind of software tests do I really need?
Pascal Puchtler

Explore a variety of software testing methodologies, from Manual and A/B Testing to Unit and Performance Tests. Learn how to make informed decisions for enhanced software delivery, matching the unique needs of your projects.