Better search relevance using Learning to Rank at
Manish Saraswat

This talk will discuss our current search relevance ranking framework and how it ranks millions of searches daily.

Bridging the Gap: From Analytical Models to Operational Success
Ignacio Vergara, Nick Harmening

Putting ML models in productions is not as simple as it sounds. Learn how we bridge the chasm between analytics and production.

Build a personalized Bitcoin (BTC) virtual assistant in Python with Hopsworks and LLM function calling
Javier de la Rúa Martínez

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Cloud? No Thanks! I’m Gonna Run GenAI on My AI PC
Adrian Boguszewski, Dmitriy Pastushenkov

Join this talk to learn that cloud is no longer needed for GenAI. All you need is an AI PC.

Connecting batteries with Python: Towards EV Charging with #zero emissions at #zero costs
Christopher Bock

Learn how Python helps us at The Mobility House in integrating EV batteries into the power grid, enabling further use and growth of renewable energies, stabilizing power grids and enhancing the accessibility of electric mobility.

Documenting R&D Progress using jupyter-book - and feel safe for the next performance audit
Jens Nie

Rosenxt has just been founded, yet we're already very busy to create the next best thing. Let me show you how we create our R&D progress using the jupyter-book ecosystem to be safe for the next performance audit.

Haystack 2.0: the story of a rewrite
Silvano Cerza

To rewrite or not to rewrite, that is the question. Come and find out why we decided to rewrite Haystack from scratch to make it the best AI framework in the world!

Prescriptive Analytics in the Python Ecosystem with Gurobi
Robert Luce

Learn how to do Prescriptive Analytics in the Python Ecosystem with Gurobi