Data stories transform complex data insights into clear, actionable and context rich narratives to drive business value. The presentation of data stories to different audiences in a visually compelling manner while keeping track of data changes is a challenging task. A possible solution is to implement appealing and interactive data applications, for which Streamlit is an established open-source solution. In combination with Snowflake, it enables an efficient and straightforward approach to build engaging data applications that utilize data directly from a data platform.

In this talk, we will explore a proof-of-concept, tracing the conception of a data story to the implementation of a Streamlit app in Snowflake by using open source datasets from Deutsche Bahn. So, hold onto your seats – it is time to explore the world of data apps with Snowflake and Streamlit.

Marie-Kristin Wirsching

Affiliation: inovex GmbH

I am a data scientist working at inovex GmbH, supporting our clients in their data-driven projects across the entire machine learning life cycle. My passion lies in everything related to AI, NLP, and Computer Vision, and I am always eager to dive into real-world data to uncover valuable insights.