This study explores the efficacy of chatbots as dialogical argumentation systems for behaviour change, focusing on vaccine hesitancy during the COVID-19 pandemic. A Python-based chatbot, developed in 2021, engaged in argumentative dialogues with users reluctant to get vaccinated, resulting in a 20% positive change in participants' stances. As natural language processing technologies, like ChatGPT, advance, it is crucial to compare them to traditional expert systems. Prior studies have shown ChatGPT's reliability in addressing vaccine hesitancy. This research compares our chatbot with ChatGPT, evaluating persuasiveness through crowdsourced participants. The findings inform resource allocation decisions, guiding the choice between domain-specific expert systems and enhancing versatile models like ChatGPT. Understanding comparative strengths aids in preventing the dissemination of misinformation in behaviour change contexts.

Dr. Lisa Andreevna Chalaguine

Affiliation: Freelance

Meet Lisa, a dynamic force at the intersection of computer science, education, and global exploration. Armed with a Ph.D. from University College London in computer science, Lisa's academic journey was a quest to imbue chatbots with the art of engaging in compelling, argumentative dialogues using authentic language.

During her time at UCL, Lisa discovered her passion for teaching, dedicating herself to shaping the minds of future technologists. Her expertise and enthusiasm led her to positions as an associate lecturer at UCL and a guest teacher at the prestigious Oxford University.

Eager for new horizons, Lisa decided to take her skills beyond the academic realm. Breaking away from London and the confines of traditional employment, she embraced the life of a digital nomad. Lisa now crisscrosses the globe, sharing her knowledge on Python and machine learning with corporate and private clients. Her expertise doesn't stop there; Lisa also delves into data science projects in the intriguing realm of legal tech.

In the digital realm, Lisa is a prolific creator of online teaching content, fluent in English, German, and Russian. When she's not immersed in the world of technology, Lisa finds balance through her love for yoga. As a certified Ashtanga and Rocket Vinyasa Yoga teacher, she brings mindfulness and physical well-being to her nomadic lifestyle. Additionally, Lisa is a skilled Thai Massage Therapist, adding a therapeutic touch to her repertoire.

In the quieter moments of her globetrotting life, Lisa unwinds with a good book, illustrating that even in the fast-paced world of technology and travel, there's always time for the simple pleasure of a captivating story. Lisa's journey exemplifies the harmonious blend of intellect, wanderlust, and a passion for sharing knowledge that defines her unique and inspiring presence in both the tech and wellness spheres.

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