In this talk, we discuss computational operations and memory utilization in Python and what is the connection between them. Additionally, we will provide you with visual aids for helping to build a mental picture of these concepts. Moreover, we will dive into how Python interpreter works and how the understanding of bytecode instructions can help you write better code. In the end, we will demonstrate the advantages of best practices by comparing both performance metrics and bytecode instructions.

Laysa Uchoa

Affiliation: Nordcloud

Laysa is a digital architect who constructs scalable structures using the magic of the cloud and Python. She is a certified cloud engineer and an enthusiastic advocate of the Python language and its environments. In addition to this, she serves as the leader of the PyLadies Munich chapter—a community where individuals gather to learn, share, and nurture their growth.

Yuliia Barabash

Affiliation: Nordcloud

I have lived in Germany for the past five years, during which I have gained a diverse range of experiences in the tech industry. My expertise spans from developing web applications in Python to constructing AWS cloud solutions. I have a good understanding of design patterns, Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), event-driven architecture, and microservices architectures. Additionally, I have hands-on experience with REST API design and database technologies. I am continuously committed to enhancing my skills and ensuring that I utilize tools in the best practices.