pytest lets you write simple tests fast - but also scales to very complex scenarios: Beyond the basics of no-boilerplate test functions, this training will show various intermediate/advanced features, as well as gems and tricks.

To attend this training, you should already be familiar with the pytest basics (e.g. writing test functions, parametrize, or what a fixture is) and want to learn how to take the next step to improve your test suites.

If you're already familiar with things like fixture caching scopes, autouse, or using the built-in tmp_path/monkeypatch/... fixtures: There will probably be some slides about concepts you already know, but there are also various little hidden tricks and gems I'll be showing.

Florian Bruhin

Affiliation: Bruhin Software / Ostschweizer Fachhochschule

Florian Bruhin ("The Compiler") is a long-time contributor and maintainer of both the pytest framework and various plugins. He discovered pytest in 2015 - since then, he has given talks and conducted workshops about pytest at various conferences and companies. His primary project, qutebrowser (a keyboard-focused web browser), has grown from a hobby to a donation-funded part-time job.

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