This is a story about applying Python and the “hacker mindset” to Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), an emerging domain within the Python ecosystem. Shell scripts have traditionally been the preferred tool for automating CAE pipelines, especially in subfield of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). However, this approach is brittle, severely limited and cumbersome to manage at scale. Data management is also a challenge, with tens to hundreds of GB per simulation needing to be stored and versioned in complex folder structures. One possible approach is to use Python as an automation and glue language and Data Version Control (DVC) which is a Python based tool built on top of git to track pipelines and data.

Julian Wagenschütz

Affiliation: Volkswagen AG - Center of Excellence Battery

I am a simulation engineer developing sustainable battery system platforms at Volkswagen. I have been working on battery systems since 2016, starting in Formula Student. There, I created an open source library for analyzing vehicle control unit data with a Pandas-like interface called CANdas. I hold a master's degree in mechanical engineering with a strong focus on simulation and data management. I am always on the lookout to improve simulation workflows using Python.

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