Last year, dm-drogeriemarkt was among the first big German companies launching a tool for the coworkers to be able to unlock the power of LLMs in a secure setting. At the beginning, dmGPT was only a user interface pointing to a private instance of a foundation Model. Listening to the needs of our colleagues, we quickly learned that this “naked” model – a super powerful NLP Model that can help them processing text - is not really what they needed: they needed a trustworthy, knowledge-rich assistant to help them accomplish their daily tasks. In our journey towards this goal, we used python to shift the LLM’s role in dmGPT: from being the motor and only source of answers to being a translator between the user’s input in natural language and multiple software systems, the steering wheel that helps humans drive the flow. Today, dmGPT is not only a statistical parrot anymore, now it is an open platform powered by internal knowledge.

In this talk we want to share with you the learnings and insights we gained while designing and implementing the new dmGPT.

Emma Haley

Affiliation: dmTECH GmbH

Half colombian, half spanish half german data person with particular interest in natural languages. Translator & Computer Scientist by training, pythonista by heart.

Niklas Lederer

Affiliation: dmTECH GmbH

I'm a data person with a focus on machine learning and data science but also business background. Working for a few years now in the data world - especially with Python - I'm now the product lead for a team called Customer genAI Incubator at dmTECH which is the IT subsidiary of dm-drogerie markt.