While RAG addresses the common LLM pitfalls, challenges like handling out-of-domain queries still persist. Learn the significance of fallback mechanisms to tackle these issues gracefully, incorporating strategies like web searches and alternative data sources to improve the user experience of your system. In this session, we’ll discover various fallback techniques and practical implementation using Haystack, empowering you to develop resilient LLM-based systems for diverse scenarios without human intervention.

Bilge Yücel

Affiliation: deepset

Bilge is a Developer Advocate at deepset, working with Haystack, an open source LLM framework. With over two years of experience as a Software Engineer, she developed a strong interest in NLP and pursued a master's degree in Artificial Intelligence at KU Leuven with a focus on NLP. Now, she enjoys working with Haystack and helping the community build LLM applications. ✨ 🥑 Let's connect if you'd like to talk about how fast the AI field is: Twitter, Linkedin

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