The skill of quickly judging what a formula does and how changing a parameter will affect the result is crucial when dealing with real-life data science - but it's a skill not easily acquired if you don't come from a STEM background. In this tutorial we'll work on guesstimating what complex mathematical expressions do so that you, too, can lose your fear of math!

Darina Goldin

Affiliation: Bayes Esports

Dr. Darina Goldin has a Ph.D. in Control Science, but secretly wishes she had pursued a degree in pure math instead. Either way, she'd probably still have ended up as a principal data scientist at Bayes Esports, where she has been modeling Esports Data for the past 8 years. When not at her desk, Darina can be found on the mats competing in Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu.