What if writing software could be more like building with LEGO bricks? A more playful and productive developer experience. For me, that is all about writing code without the hassle. A productive setup should also let let us make design decisions while learning what to actually build, and allow changes during the way. Polylith solves this in a nice and simple way. I am the developer of the Open Source Python-specific tooling for Polylith. I’ll walk through the simple Architecture & the Developer friendly tooling for a joyful Python Experience.

David Vujic

Affiliation: Biolit AB

My name is David and I'm a software developer. Colleagues and friends may know me as an early adopter of agile ideas and test driven development. I am passionate about things like that, and share the things I learn to the community and the people I work with. My favorite programming languages are Python and Clojure. On my spare time I practice outdoor Parkour & contribute to Open Source.

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