Discover how Babbel bridged the gap between tailored language learning and scalability through an AI-aided content creation tool. Our approach amalgamates human expertise with Generative Artificial Intelligence, enabling personalized content creation on a large scale. Join us on our development journey and the different iterations we went through. We will demo the tool's current version and its AI features. Learn about the tech stack and what lies ahead in our development pipeline.

Hector Hernandez

Affiliation: Babbel

Hector Hernandez is a language educator, currently serving as Curriculum & Enrichment Lead and NLP researcher at Babbel. With 12 years in Second Language Acquisition, he brings a wealth of experience in curriculum development, podcast hosting, scripting, and teaching English and Spanish as a second language. More recently, Hector has delved into developing applications with Large Language Models, applying this technology to enhance language learning experiences.

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Pascal Wenker

Affiliation: inovex

I am a Software Developer and Machine Learning Engineer. My recent focus lies in developing tools that leverage the power of Large Language Models to assist humans in their daily work.

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