Did this question ever cross your mind that how green software engineering can help in environment sustainability? My talk will answer this exact question.  My passion for nature and love for technology pushed me into this topic. The way global warming is affecting us is one of the biggest concern of so many people around the world. The focus is to educate people about how they can play their role in protecting the environment by just using their laptop or computers in the right possible way. One of the biggest questions is to deal with the gas emissions and control it but how software engineering can help in all of this? The complete cycle of the Software Engineering should be designed and implemented in such a way that it incorporates environment sustainability without affecting the economic benefits. It is a win win situation. We need more environment sustainable mobile and web applications.


Affiliation: Smartmicro

A passionate Software Engineer who is looking to connect the dots between environment and technology to make a sustainable world. I am working as a Software Engineer at Smartmirco Braunschweig.