525 days working full-time on FOSS: lessons learned
Rodrigo Girão Serrão

Rodrigo has been working full-time on FOSS for 525. Join him as he shares some of the key lessons he learned during that time.

How to embrace your Leadership role as a Data Nerd (or other creative types)
Paula Gonzalez Avalos

Is it possible to find a Leadership role rewarding as a creative hands-on work driven person? In this talk I’ll talk about my journey from Data Scientist into management and how - after a transition period - I learned to embraced and ultimately really like the new Head roles.

PyCon Community Backstage: A Decade of Growth and Lessons Learned
Alexander CS Hendorf

A joyful journey through a decade in the Python community: contributing, leadership, magic, personal and professional growth!

When and how to start coding with kids
Anna-Lena Popkes

Have you always wondered when and how to start coding with your kid? This talk will shed light on all your questions, giving concrete advice on how to get started.