Boost your app to Flash speed by mastering performance tricks
Laysa Uchoa, Yuliia Barabash

If you're keen to move beyond basic optimizations and truly understand what happens under Python's hood during application execution, this session is for you.Boost your app to Flash speed by mastering performance tricks by @laysauchoa and @yuliia_barabash

Encoding Charactersets - may the force be with you
Martin Hoermann

Understanding and repairing garbled text (Mojibake) with Python

How to Improve the Python Development Experience for Millions of Ubuntu Users
Jürgen Gmach

Have you ever tried to install a different Python version on Ubuntu or tried to upgrade your current one? This talk will explain why this is hard, and introduce the available options in-depth, and give an outlook what Ubuntu could do in the future to make our lives easier.

Mojo 🔥 - Is it Python's faster cousin or just hype?
Jamie Coombes

"Chris Lattner's Mojo promised to revolutionize AI dev with 68k times speed & Python ease. One year later, we dissect its reality—can it outshine Rust & Julia, or is it just hype? #PyData #MojoLanguage #PythonCousin"

Python 3.12's new monitoring and debugging API
Johannes Bechberger

Python 3.12 got a new debugging and monitoring API. Learn in this talk why it will change debugging forever.

Replacing Callbacks with Generators: A Case Study in Computer-Assisted Live Music
Matthieu Amiguet

How we made our code more readable by replacing intricated callback-based code with much more readable generators. Also a great example of using python in an unexpected domain: realtime audio processing for live music!

The Secret Life of Metaclasses
Luciano Ramalho, Leonardo Rochael Almeida

The secret life of Metaclasses, a tour of Python metaprogramming concepts for novices