A deep dive into the Arrow Columnar format with pyarrow and nanoarrow
Joris Van den Bossche, Raúl Cumplido, Alenka Frim

Apache Arrow has become a de-facto standard for efficient in-memory columnar data representation. But what is this format exactly? This tutorial will dive deep into the details of the Arrow columnar format and explore interactively the different types and buffer layouts.

Boost your Data Science skills with the new Python in Excel
Valerio Maggio

Do you know that you can now run Python directly into Excel ? Come to my tutorial to know more, and to boost your data analytics skills!

Mostly Harmless Fixed Effects Regression in Python with PyFixest
Alexander Fischer

"Discover PyFixest, a Python library inspired by R's 'fixest'! 🐍📊 It speeds up regression model estimation with high-dimensional fixed effects, offering tools for robust inference and efficient post-processing. Perfect for AB Tests and event studies! #Python #DataScience #PyDat