As Python expands into serverless and cloud environments, popularizing distributed microservice architectures, we often face observability challenges that impact efficiency and complicate error tracing. This presentation introduces OpenTelemetry, an emerging industry standard that provides a framework for tracking the performance of not just our Python code, but also other system components like databases and message queues. Its API and SDK integrate seamlessly with Python, enabling a unified approach to gather, process, and export telemetry data from various sources within a distributed system.

We will explore the setup and usage of OpenTelemetry's Python SDK through a practical scenario. The session will demonstrate how to convert an existing Flask microservice to use OpenTelemetry, using both automatic and manual instrumentation. Finally, we will examine how to utilize the exported data for enhanced system monitoring.

Anton Caceres

Affiliation: Tech-5

I manage a Python agency with a strong focus on community engagement, evidenced by my involvement in organizing PyCons and leading PyMunich meetups. Being a Python Software Foundation fellow, I am dedicated to a journey of constant learning and sharing.

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