About 5 years ago my co-founder and I launched alcemy, a Machine Learning startup to help decarbonize the cement and concrete supply chain. I experienced first hand moving from a simple proof of concept, a ML model inside a Jupyter notebook, to a full-fledged pipeline running 24/7 and steering massive amounts of cement production in real plants. I can tell you the road was long and winding. I want to share some of the hard lessons we learned along the way with you. If you are an aspiring ML or Software Engineer, Data Scientist, Entrepreneur, or you are just wondering how Machine Learning applied in the wild looks like this talk is for you. No prior knowledge is required except some familiarity with basic concepts and terminology of Machine Learning.

Robert Meyer

Affiliation: alcemy GmbH

Robert Meyer is a Data Scientist and Neuroscience researcher by training. He completed his PhD at TU Berlin and simulated parts of the cat brain.

After working for the German unicorn Flixbus for two and half years building an automated bus ticket pricing pipeline, he joined the Entrepreneur First incubator. There he met his co-founder Leopold Spenner and together they started alcemy, a Machine Learning startup to accelerate the decarbonization of the cement and concrete supply chain

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