A deep dive into the Arrow Columnar format with pyarrow and nanoarrow
Joris Van den Bossche, Raúl Cumplido, Alenka Frim

Apache Arrow has become a de-facto standard for efficient in-memory columnar data representation. But what is this format exactly? This tutorial will dive deep into the details of the Arrow columnar format and explore interactively the different types and buffer layouts.

Boost your Data Science skills with the new Python in Excel
Valerio Maggio

Do you know that you can now run Python directly into Excel ? Come to my tutorial to know more, and to boost your data analytics skills!

Build an AI Document Inquiry Chat with Offline LLMs
Pavithra Eswaramoorthy, Philip Meier

In this hands-on tutorial, we'll build an LLM-powered document inquiry chat application that uses Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) for more accurate results. We'll test different LLMs, run an offline LLM on GPUs, and demonstrate a fully functional web app.

Build TikTok's Personalized Real-Time Recommendation System in Python with Hopsworks
Jim Dowling

The real-time recommendations engine, Monolith, in Tiktok is so good it has been described as "digital crack". In 1 hr, we will build Monolith in Python as 3 ML pipelines that run on Hopsworks .

Bulletproof Python - Property-Based Testing with Hypothesis
Michael Seifert

Less is more! Rather than working harder and write more test code, property-based testing forces you to work smarter and cover more cases with fewer tests. Join Michael for his Tutorial "Bulletproof Python - Property-Based Testing with Hypothesis"

Django loves strawberries
Arthur Bayr

Explore the dynamic duo of GraphQL Strawberry and Django in an immersive workshop! Discover the seamless integration of Strawberry with Django, mastering type definitions, queries and mutations.

Functional Python
Mike Müller

Learn how to integrate functional features into your daily Python programming.

Lose your fear of equations!
Darina Goldin

Learn to read equations like an engineer and lose your fear of math

No More Raw SQL: SQLAlchemy, ORMs & asyncio
Aya Elsayed, Rhythm Patel

Learn how to use SQLAlchemy, a powerful SQL toolkit, to interact with your database. Leverage SQLAlchemy’s Object Relational Mapper (ORM) system, and explore SQLAlchemy’s asyncio extension for your async services.

Performant, scientific computation in Python and Rust
Stefan Ulbrich

A tutorial session on how to build scientific package for numerical calculus algorithm in Python and Rust.

PyO3 101 - Writing Python modules in Rust
Cheuk Ting Ho

In this interactive workshop, we will cover the very basics of using PyO3. There will be hands-on exercises to go from how to set up the project environment to writing a "toy" Python library written in Rust using PyO3.

pytest tips and tricks for a better testsuite
Florian Bruhin

pytest lets you write simple tests fast - but also scales to very complex scenarios: Beyond the basics of no-boilerplate test functions, this training will show various intermediate/advanced features, as well as gems and tricks.

Refactoring Large Programs
Dr. Kristian Rother

Refactor a large Python program that is undocumented, unstructured and untested

Securing Python: Race Condition Vulnerabilities
Shahriyar Rzayev

Explore and secure Python code against race condition vulnerabilities

The Secret Life of Metaclasses
Luciano Ramalho, Leonardo Rochael Almeida

The secret life of Metaclasses, a tour of Python metaprogramming concepts for novices

Using ML to find out the "Why"? A Tutorial in Causal Machine Learning
Oliver Schacht, Jan Teichert-Kluge

Tutorial on Causal Machine Learning by the developers of the DoubleML package for Python. Learn how to address "Why?" questions with ML! https://docs.doubleml.org/stable/index.html #Causality #CausalML #DoubleML #CausalInference