Best of both worlds - How we built an AI-aided content creation tool for language learning
Hector Hernandez, Pascal Wenker

Dive into the fusion of human intelligence & AI at Babbel! Explore our journey in crafting an AI-aided content creation tool for personalized language learning. #LanguageLearning #AI #LLMs

How Python helped us uncover secrets of protein motion
Zoran Štefanić, Boris Gomaz

Uncovering protein motion by leveraging awsome Python tools.

Marketing Media Mix Models with Python & PyMC: a Case Study
Emanuele Fabbiani

Discover how Italy's fastest-growing tour operator unlocked transformative marketing insights using Bayesian models, domain knowledge, Python, and PyMC. Gain valuable tips to develop similar models for your business.

There is a Better Way to Automate and Manage Your (Fluid) Simulations
Julian Wagenschütz

Exploring the integration of Python into Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) workflows: While shell scripts are ubiquitous, they face challenges in CAE, particularly in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Python + DVC provides a robust alternative to manage simulations at scale.

Time series anomaly detection with a human-in-the-loop
Malte Merk, Jan Berthold, Andrii Zyhgallo, Mareike Bojer, Philipp Millet

In the cross-industry wide trend towards industry 4.0 solutions, the amount of gathered sensor data is ever growing. Through the sheer amount of data, manual or human-based monitoring of the collected time series data becomes cumbersome if not even impossible.