A Retrieval Augmented Generation system to query the scikit-learn documentation
Guillaume Lemaitre

A Retrieval Augmented Generation system to query the scikit-learn documentation

AI, SQL, and GraphQL Walk into a Fertility Clinic… LLM-based Medical feature development
Shirli Di-Castro Shashua

Excited to share my journey at the intersection of healthcare and AI! Join me as I unveil the game-changing 'chatting with my medical database' feature, powered by LLMs. Discover how AI, SQL, and GraphQL team up to revolutionize doctors' access to crucial patient data.

From LLM as oracle to LLM as translator - our journey from theory to everyday’s practice in a corporate setting with dmGPT (and python)
Emma Haley, Niklas Lederer

Learn how dm-drogeriemarkt put LLMs in production and implemented a day-to-day assistant for everyone.

Improve LLM-based Applications with Fallback Mechanisms
Bilge Yücel

RAG handles common issues in LLM applications, but a dependable system requires one more step: a fallback mechanism. Explore the implementation of LLM applications with diverse fallback techniques using Haystack in Bilge's insightful talk.

Put your RAG to the test: Component-per-component evaluation of our LLM-powered airplane manufacturing assistant
Nataliia Kees

This talk discusses the topic of component-wise evaluation of RAG-based applications on the example of a digital shopfloor assistant developed at Airbus using open source Python libraries paired with Google Vertex AI.

RAG for a medical company: the technical and product challenges
Noé Achache

While developing a Proof-Of-Concept RAG is widely accessible, creating a performant version that truly adds value remains a challenge. We willl share our learnings from building a RAG for a medical company, aiding doctors with drug documentation.

Safeguarding Privacy and Mitigating Vulnerabilities: Navigating Security Challenges in Generative AI
John Robert

How to protect and secure your data will using LLM and Generative AI. Your data privacy and security is importance.

Whispered Secrets: Building An Open-Source Tool To Live Transcribe & Summarize Conversations
John Sandall

🕵️ Calling all Spythonistas: Do you need a live speech transcription and summarization "secret agent" that works offline by running on your own hardware? Learn about the latest trends in open-source GenAI tools and how to build your own in this light-hearted talk.