(Un)leashed potential of AI in Government
Rosa Marie Keller

As the world is being reshaped through the rise of advanced AI technologies, governments seek their place in the arena. This talk explores how German government institutions adapt to these changes by focusing on three key areas of action: Adoption, Regulation, and Up-/Reskilling.

Async Awaits: Mastering Asynchronous Python in FastAPI
Bojan Miletic

Gear up for 'Async Awaits: Mastering Asynchronous Python in FastAPI' 🚀. Discover the power of async/await in #Python and learn how to supercharge your web apps with #FastAPI. Perfect for developers eager to excel in modern web development! 🌐 #TechTalk #AsyncPython #WebDev

AsyncApp. My contribution to hype Pythons asyncio a bit more
Jens Nie

Asyncio based code is still not the go-to solution for many when starting new Python projects. Let me show you a simple and attractive asyncio based approach for console applications to address that.

Boost your Data Science skills with the new Python in Excel
Valerio Maggio

Do you know that you can now run Python directly into Excel ? Come to my tutorial to know more, and to boost your data analytics skills!

Bridging the worlds: pixi reimplements pip and conda in Rust
Wolf Vollprecht, Ruben Arts

pixi is an awesome new package manager that combines the power of conda & pip.

Build an AI Document Inquiry Chat with Offline LLMs
Pavithra Eswaramoorthy, Philip Meier

In this hands-on tutorial, we'll build an LLM-powered document inquiry chat application that uses Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) for more accurate results. We'll test different LLMs, run an offline LLM on GPUs, and demonstrate a fully functional web app.

Building accessible documentation sites
Dr. Tania Allard

Come learn how you can make your tools and documentation more accessible and usable by disabled end-users and contributors

Building Professional Voice AI with Vocode
Lev Konstantinovskiy

Meet Vocode, an open-source framework for AI voice agents. We'll cover its integration of speech APIs, LLMs, and conversation etiquette in real-world applications. #OpenSource #AI #VoiceAgents

Enhance your balcony power plant with Python
Jannis Lübbe

Improve the efficiency of your balcony power plant with Python

Everything you need to know about change-point detection
Charles Truong

How do you detect an activity change from smartwatch data, abrupt climate transitions, or server failures? If you work with long time series, you will inevitably have to detect changes. This talk describes how to do that using ruptures (https://github.com/deepcharles/ruptures).

Flix CitySnap: How we use GenAI and not only to collect captivating images for cities and confirm their locations
Andrei Chernov

Unlocking City Charisma: Leveraging Generative AI for Automated Image Collection and Elevated Customer Experience 🌟 Dive into Flix's innovative approach

Functional Python
Mike Müller

Learn how to integrate functional features into your daily Python programming.

Going beyond Parquet's default settings – be surprised what you can get
Uwe L. Korn

Only ever used pandas.to_parquet? Would you like to know what it does and how you could make it even more efficient? Find out about Parquet's newest features in this talk.

Haystack 2.0: the story of a rewrite
Silvano Cerza

To rewrite or not to rewrite, that is the question. Come and find out why we decided to rewrite Haystack from scratch to make it the best AI framework in the world!

High Performance Data Visualization for the Web
Tim Paine

Building a high performance streaming data website with Perspective

How Python helped us uncover secrets of protein motion
Zoran Štefanić, Boris Gomaz

Uncovering protein motion by leveraging awsome Python tools.

How to Improve the Python Development Experience for Millions of Ubuntu Users
Jürgen Gmach

Have you ever tried to install a different Python version on Ubuntu or tried to upgrade your current one? This talk will explain why this is hard, and introduce the available options in-depth, and give an outlook what Ubuntu could do in the future to make our lives easier.

Improve LLM-based Applications with Fallback Mechanisms
Bilge Yücel

RAG handles common issues in LLM applications, but a dependable system requires one more step: a fallback mechanism. Explore the implementation of LLM applications with diverse fallback techniques using Haystack in Bilge's insightful talk.

Lessons learned from deploying Machine Learning in an old-fashioned heavy industry
Robert Meyer

Cement is responsible for about 8% of worldwide carbon emissions. Let me tell you about lessons learned decarbonizing the industry with Machine Learning.

Lose your fear of equations!
Darina Goldin

Learn to read equations like an engineer and lose your fear of math

Machine Learning on microcontrollers using MicroPython and emlearn
Jon Nordby

Deploy ML models to microcontrollers - using just the Python you already know! A practical presentation on how to use the emlearn Machine Learning package and MicroPython to build smart sensor systems.

Missing Data, Bayesian Imputation and People Analytics with PyMC
Nathaniel Forde

Hierarchical structures are everywhere in business! Ever wondered how trickle-down management missteps drive non-response bias in Employee Engagement? Model the hierarchy, model the missing-ness with PyMC!

Mostly Harmless Fixed Effects Regression in Python with PyFixest
Alexander Fischer

"Discover PyFixest, a Python library inspired by R's 'fixest'! 🐍📊 It speeds up regression model estimation with high-dimensional fixed effects, offering tools for robust inference and efficient post-processing. Perfect for AB Tests and event studies! #Python #DataScience #PyDat

Moving from Offline to Online Machine Learning with River
Tun Shwe

Learn the differences between online and offline ML and get started on your online ML journey today with River, an open source Python ML library

No More Raw SQL: SQLAlchemy, ORMs & asyncio
Aya Elsayed, Rhythm Patel

Learn how to use SQLAlchemy, a powerful SQL toolkit, to interact with your database. Leverage SQLAlchemy’s Object Relational Mapper (ORM) system, and explore SQLAlchemy’s asyncio extension for your async services.

Pandas + Dask DataFrame 2.0 - Comparison to Spark, DuckDB and Polars
Florian Jetter, Patrick Hoefler

Dask DataFrame is fast now - The re-implementation of DataFrames in Dask is fast, reliable and fun.

PyCon Community Backstage: A Decade of Camaraderie, Growth, and Lessons Learned
Alexander CS Hendorf

A joyful journey through a decade in the Python community: contributing, leadership, magic, personal and professional growth!

PyO3 101 - Writing Python modules in Rust
Cheuk Ting Ho

In this interactive workshop, we will cover the very basics of using PyO3. There will be hands-on exercises to go from how to set up the project environment to writing a "toy" Python library written in Rust using PyO3.

Python 3.12's new monitoring and debugging API
Johannes Bechberger

Python 3.12 got a new debugging and monitoring API. Learn in this talk why it will change debugging forever.

Robust Configuration Management with Pydantic's Data Validation
Philipp Stephan

How Pydantic's strong data validation based on type annotations can help build a strict spec for your configuration format, catch misconfiguration early, and mitigate the aforementioned problems with a non-formalized configuration management system.

Streamlining Python Development: A Guide to a Modern Project Setup
Florian Wilhelm

🚀 Streamlining Python Development: A Guide to a Modern Project Setup. We'll explore tools like Hatch, mypy, and ruff, and dive into efficient project setups. Perfect for Python beginners!

The evolution of Feature Stores
Olamilekan Wahab

Feature Stores have become an important component of the machine learning lifecycle. They have been particularly pivotal in bridging the gap between data engineering and machine learning workflows(experimentation, training and serving). This talk will explore Feature Stores with

The pragmatic Pythonic data engineer
Robson Junior

Learn to make practical decisions in data engineering with Python's vast ecosystem. Avoid blindly following market guidelines and consider the reality of your situation for better performance and architecture

Unlock the Power of Dev Containers: Build a Consistent Python Development Environment in Seconds!
Thomas Fraunholz

Unlock the Power of Dev Containers: Say goodbye to the hassle and build a Consistent Python Development Environment in Seconds!

Using ML to find out the "Why"? A Tutorial in Causal Machine Learning
Philipp Bach

Tutorial on Causal Machine Learning by the developers of the DoubleML package for Python. Learn how to address "Why?" questions with ML! https://docs.doubleml.org/stable/index.html #Causality #CausalML #DoubleML #CausalInference

Which kind of software tests do I really need?
Pascal Puchtler

Explore a variety of software testing methodologies, from Manual and A/B Testing to Unit and Performance Tests. Learn how to make informed decisions for enhanced software delivery, matching the unique needs of your projects.

Whispered Secrets: Building An Open-Source Tool To Live Transcribe & Summarize Conversations
John Sandall

🕵️ Calling all Spythonistas: Do you need a live speech transcription and summarization "secret agent" that works offline by running on your own hardware? Learn about the latest trends in open-source GenAI tools and how to build your own in this light-hearted talk.

Would you rely on ChatGPT to dial 911? A talk on balancing determinism and probabilism in production machine learning systems
Nicolas Guenon des Mesnards

Combining deterministic and probabilistic models to boost ML system robustness. Learn their benefits and applications in AI, backed by NLP case studies. #AIInnovation #MLTech #RobustAI

You shall not pass! 🧙 Strengthen your python code against attacks.
Antonia Scherz, Roman Krafft

You shall not pass! Make your Python code strong against attacks.

µDjango, an asynchronous microservices technique.
Maxim Danilov

Django - the new trend in creating asynchronous Python microservices.