(Un)leashed potential of AI in Government
Rosa Marie Keller

As the world is being reshaped through the rise of advanced AI technologies, governments seek their place in the arena. This talk explores how German government institutions adapt to these changes by focusing on three key areas of action: Adoption, Regulation, and Up-/Reskilling.

525 days working full-time on FOSS: lessons learned
Rodrigo Girão Serrão

Rodrigo has been working full-time on FOSS for 525. Join him as he shares some of the key lessons he learned during that time.

Acknowledging Women’s Contributions in the Python Community Through Podcast
Cheuk Ting Ho, Tereza Iofciu

In the Python podcast community, women are still underrepresented, making up only 17% of invited guests among the popular podcast series. We’ll share how you can further help out cause in improving representation and diversity in the Python community.

Analyzing COVID-19 Protest Movements: A Multidimensional Approach Using Geo-Social Media Data
Nefta Kanilmaz

Understanding protest movements through multi-dimensional geo-social media data analysis.

Best of both worlds - How we built an AI-aided content creation tool for language learning
Lea Petters, Hector Hernandez

Dive into the fusion of human intelligence & AI at Babbel! Explore our journey in crafting an AI-aided content creation tool for personalized language learning. #LanguageLearning #AI #LLMs

Building accessible documentation sites
Dr. Tania Allard

Come learn how you can make your tools and documentation more accessible and usable by disabled end-users and contributors

Community Conferences under the Hood. Perspectives and Best Practices in Volunteer Organization
Florian Wilhelm, Alexander CS Hendorf, Valentina Scipione, Lais Carvalho

Joins us for Community Conferences under the Hood. Perspectives and Best Practices in Volunteer Organization

Enhance your balcony power plant with Python
Jannis Lübbe

Improve the efficiency of your balcony power plant with Python

How Python helped us uncover secrets of protein motion
Zoran Štefanić, Boris Gomaz

Uncovering protein motion by leveraging awsome Python tools.

How to embrace your Leadership role as a Data Nerd (or other creative types)
Paula Gonzalez Avalos

Is it possible to find a Leadership role rewarding as a creative hands-on work driven person? In this talk I’ll talk about my journey from Data Scientist into management and how - after a transition period - I learned to embraced and ultimately really like the new Head roles.

Marketing Media Mix Models with Python & PyMC: a Case Study
Emanuele Fabbiani

Discover how Italy's fastest-growing tour operator unlocked transformative marketing insights using Bayesian models, domain knowledge, Python, and PyMC. Gain valuable tips to develop similar models for your business.

Power structures. The fair advantage
Anja Kunkel

Humans are complex. As developers, we wanna ignore that ... but to do our job right, we cannot.

Public Money, Public Experiment - open source processes in the public administration
Lisa Reiber

Imagine a data lab in a federal ministry wants to publish code and share it - how long could it possibly take? Take a guess and come to the talk to find out.

PyCon Community Backstage: A Decade of Camaraderie, Growth, and Lessons Learned
Alexander CS Hendorf

A joyful journey through a decade in the Python community: contributing, leadership, magic, personal and professional growth!

There is a Better Way to Automate and Manage Your (Fluid) Simulations
Julian Wagenschütz

Exploring the integration of Python into Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) workflows: While shell scripts are ubiquitous, they face challenges in CAE, particularly in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Python + DVC provides a robust alternative to manage simulations at scale.

Time series anomaly detection with a human-in-the-loop
Philipp Millet

In the cross-industry wide trend towards industry 4.0 solutions, the amount of gathered sensor data is ever growing. Through the sheer amount of data, manual or human-based monitoring of the collected time series data becomes cumbersome if not even impossible.

When and how to start coding with kids
Anna-Lena Popkes

Have you always wondered when and how to start coding with your kid? This talk will shed light on all your questions, giving concrete advice on how to get started.