Advanced Observability with OpenTelemetry and Python
Anton Caceres

Facing observability challenges in Python microservices? 🐍 ☁️ Learn how #OpenTelemetry can streamline your system monitoring in cloud environments. We're diving into its Python SDK integration, showcasing real-world implementation for enhanced efficiency.

Async Awaits: Mastering Asynchronous Python in FastAPI
Bojan Miletic

Gear up for 'Async Awaits: Mastering Asynchronous Python in FastAPI' 🚀. Discover the power of async/await in #Python and learn how to supercharge your web apps with #FastAPI. Perfect for developers eager to excel in modern web development! 🌐 #TechTalk #AsyncPython #WebDev

AsyncApp. My contribution to hype Pythons asyncio a bit more
Jens Nie

Asyncio based code is still not the go-to solution for many when starting new Python projects. Let me show you a simple and attractive asyncio based approach for console applications to address that.

Bridging the worlds: pixi reimplements pip and conda in Rust
Wolf Vollprecht, Ruben Arts

pixi is an awesome new package manager that combines the power of conda & pip.

Deploying your Python application to Android
Shyamnath Premnadh

Current state of deploying Python applications to Android with a comparison of the current available frameworks.

Green Software Engineering

Green Software Engineering and the concept of sustainability

I achieved peak performance in python, here's how ...
Dishant Sethi

In the ever-evolving landscape of software development, crafting code that not only functions flawlessly but also operates at peak performance is a skill that sets exceptional developers apart. This talk delves into the art of optimizing Python code, exploring techniques and stra

No More Raw SQL: SQLAlchemy, ORMs & asyncio
Aya Elsayed, Rhythm Patel

Learn how to use SQLAlchemy, a powerful SQL toolkit, to interact with your database. Leverage SQLAlchemy’s Object Relational Mapper (ORM) system, and explore SQLAlchemy’s asyncio extension for your async services.

Performant, scientific computation in Python and Rust
Stefan Ulbrich

A tutorial session on how to build scientific package for numerical calculus algorithm in Python and Rust.

PyO3 101 - Writing Python modules in Rust
Cheuk Ting Ho

In this interactive workshop, we will cover the very basics of using PyO3. There will be hands-on exercises to go from how to set up the project environment to writing a "toy" Python library written in Rust using PyO3.

Python Monorepos: The Polylith Developer Experience
David Vujic

What if writing software would be more like building with LEGO bricks, and have a more playful developer experience. Polylith solves this in a nice and simple way. I’ll walk through the simple Architecture & the Developer friendly tooling for a joyful Python Experience.

Refactoring Large Programs
Dr. Kristian Rother

Refactor a large Python program that is undocumented, unstructured and untested

Robust Configuration Management with Pydantic's Data Validation
Philipp Stephan

How Pydantic's strong data validation based on type annotations can help build a strict spec for your configuration format, catch misconfiguration early, and mitigate the aforementioned problems with a non-formalized configuration management system.

Streamlining Python Development: A Guide to a Modern Project Setup
Florian Wilhelm

🚀 Streamlining Python Development: A Guide to a Modern Project Setup. We'll explore tools like Hatch, mypy, and ruff, and dive into efficient project setups. Perfect for Python beginners!

Unleashing Confidence in SQL Development through Unit Testing
Tobias Lampert

Confidently ship changes to your SQL data model by validating logic with a SQL unit testing framework. Our framework, powered by pytest, ensures robust deployments, making data model evolution a breeze.

Unlock the Power of Dev Containers: Build a Consistent Python Development Environment in Seconds!
Thomas Fraunholz

Unlock the Power of Dev Containers: Say goodbye to the hassle and build a Consistent Python Development Environment in Seconds!